Friday, March 02, 2007

daz really does get your blog whiter than white

the old blue, narrow blog has gone. Y took the campaign in for some cosmetic surgery and dr theo spark got his scalples out; creating the picture from the paint job idea i came up, and then worked on how to tweak the html to widen the posts and created the button link. fellow campaigners will find a few more buttons down there on the right; these link to dr theo sparks other blogs (one is best not to open at work whilst the other generaly has fun at horneywood's expense). the rogue gunner also chipped in so here's a plug, and another.

so what do fellow campaigners think of the new look? good old winston churchill ready to machine gun socialists and the boro badge... pure quality. 'the live with it' replaced by some good advice too.


will said...

im impressed! may have to take some 'inspiration' ;)

chief Y is a vowel campaigner said...

be inspired auld boye; start with posting more than once a week ;-)