Thursday, March 15, 2007

unlikley support for the Y campaign

as discovered by some recent commentators this is a right winged blog with a tongue in check campaign to relax the rigid nature of the english language and allow it to be used for what it was designed for; communication. why constrain our ability to communicate around accepted modes such as recieved pronunciation, split infinitives, glottal stops and the works? there is a difference between bad english and being unable to communicate effectively.

and so it is that Y village was inundated with one email highlighting national support for this campaign coming from demos, the left wing think tank reputedly behind much of tony bliars policy.

conundrum then; not good to be getting support from such unwelcome company. the solution; spin this into an issue that crosses the ideological divide of left and right, just like the support for the nhs. nifty.

support for the Y campaign has featured in the guardian - twice, the telegraph and the mail - though judging from the comments section perhaps not the mail's readership...

still, across ideologies.

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