Sunday, March 04, 2007

shopping trolley "terrifies" woman

in what has to be the daftest story of 2007 so far, i bring you the case of the woman "terrified" by a tesco trolley.

"I was terrified," she said. "I tried to swerve away from the trolley..."

the story goes that a gust of wind blow an errant trolley in the direction of julie dearrings shitreon c2 (pictured) and scrapped the paintwork. julie is now demanding 'several hundred pounds' in compensation for damages to the car and for distress!

Mrs Dearing was unhurt and managed to stay on the road - but was left shocked and upset by the incident. The car, which was bought less than a year ago, suffered a dented front wing which will cost several hundreds of pounds to fix.

what a pathetic moron. though i do like the reporter's writing style "...[the moron] managed to stay on the road" why will it cost so much to fix a dented front wing? is her car made of gold? are shitreon's so easy to brake?

i'm still confused as to why tesco should be liable for a) another customer not replacing the trolley in the trolley bay b) the wind being, well, windy. this is simply an acident, a pure by-chance event of the kind that happens in life everyday. this woman needs to grow up and except that she can't sue someone everytime she's not happry with what life throws at her.

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