Wednesday, February 28, 2007

they've clearly never been to the western general

today the executive is back slapping like crazy after the recent nhs waiting times have been published and the scottish press duly reported headlines like this.

the royal infirmary is credited as being one of the worst in the country yet the scotsman felt the need to start their story with a spot of back scratching.

and when scottish papers see through the labour lies they do so in support of the nats.

but the fact remains that in the lothian region alone 6,000 patients have been removed from the waiting list and placed on the reserve-waiting list, so duh, the fdged figures are bound to look good. and let’s not forget that last June, the bma alleged that some nhs managers had asked for certain cancer surgeries to be postponed so more minor operations like wisdom teeth treatment could be done within waiting target times.

go private people - especially if you run the risk of being sent to the general western in edinburgh!

by the wayside

sometimes travelling can be fun, sometimes it can get too much; milton keynes, edinburgh, st andrews, halifax, leeds, marsden and guisborough. close to 2,000 miles in almost 2 weeks, the little motor didn't know what hit it. london tomorrow...

since the last post the boro nearly got humped; whilst england did in the egg chasing.

micheal meacher goes against gordon broon and the salford chipmunk begins her scurry for deputy.

del boy's reliant sells for £44,000 - the price of an rs4 - and is duly promoted to car of the week whilst drivers in northampton try riding on ethanol, tsk tsk.

Monday, February 19, 2007

sometimes true life is why people turn...

today the times announces that doctors feel nulabour have 'ucked up the nhs whilst in a totally un-related moment not designed to counter such bad news tony bliar announces new targets etc etc etc and so on.

ironic then that the Y campaigns' negative experience with edinburgh's general western hospital continues. ironic, as in, today the nhs dominates the news and today 'er indoors and i agree the nhs is useless.

so, the earlier post.

now today's post.... i deliberatly waited to post this in order to calm down...

firstly; the general western really, really hates cars. when they send out an appointment letter they nicely send out a little map to let you know where, within the metropalis of western general, the neurology department is. it even tells you were to park. well, try navigating their little narrow roads only to stop at every "one way only" sign and road painting. eventually we gave up and tried to park in the first car park we found.

security guard: "where are you going?"

Y: "into the carpark because we might be late"

security guard: "which department are you looking for?"

Y: "neurology"

security guard: "i'm sorry sir; this car park is for cancer patients only. you need to park in bays 7 or 8 only"

Y: "oh, okay. which way?"

security guard: "down this road sir, take a left and follow it's path going round to the right."

Y: "but i can't go that way because the signs say it's one way only"

security guard: "oh, that doesn't come into force until the 23rd. let me just double check."

eventually we parked up and found the now familiar reception area. this time our wait to be called was much shorter than last time. a young trainee walked us to the check-up room; along the way he politely chatted away, talking to us about what we should expect to encounter. flashing lights, induced epilepsy. he subtley asked a few 'patient history questions' such as; when was your last attack, are you on medication, nice weather today... for a newbie he was pretty good - shame i can't remember his name so i can say thank you in this, my own way.

in the room - a little disappointing - we found normal things. a small camera to record the treatment. an old nhs underfunded computer to track the results. a bed, strange paper style sheets covered it. 'er indoors was free to sit on these sheets, but as soon as she moved they were promptly disposed off and another replaced it. a sign of the times i suppose. a nice clean blue lino floor. a poster on the notice board letting all staff know that if they performed a basket lift they would be severly disciplined. another sign of the times? i guess i was hoping for something out of csi.

the treatment itself was routine. dump a load of goey stuff on her head where the plugs would go and lay her down in the correct pose. the problem was; not the fact the attack(s) began in august and only now are we seeing signs of the nhs doing something.... no no no. the problem was the staff!

seriously; last time we went the building was shoddy (see above). but the dodgy lino was replaced. there were no patients in the corridors and everything seemed as one would expect; a hospital full of poorly people being treated.

we were just so lucky as to get the most ignorant fucking useless doctor on the planet..!.!.!

oh how things change.

the doctor, well. where do i begin?

during the attachment of the many little probes in, walked this young girl. the trainee guy looked young; we're in our mid twenties and boy he did look young. at least he answered honestly; if he didn't know the answer he said so and went and checked. this girl looked "fourteen" as 'er indoors said. the young girl waltzed in, wearing the same clothes as the trainee. didn't announce who she was; just proceeded to whisper to the trainee. she got involved a little, but generally just whispered a lot.

the whole e.e.g. went on. all the time the young thing just whispered. the lights flashed, the computer monitered, the camera recorded and all along the young thing whispered.

here's the bone... anyone with t'interweb connection can find out what to expect with an e.e.g. but patients do not like doctors who ignore their patients. this young thing was actuallt the trainer to the trainee... how where we to know? no introductions, no name badge, no reference. if i see her again she will not be allowed anywhere near 'er indoors. not with a barge pole.

for the majority of the whole scan we were convinced there were two trainee's in the room and not a single doctor. i am also convinced that this concern / query affected the results of the scan; 'er indoors admitting she was glad i challenged the young thing to announce who she was.

if any doctors are reading this then please, please, please remember that patients are not numbers on a target list, they are real people. people with concerns and fears. when you forget this you make us hate you, hate you so much. all you had to do was announce yourself, or maybe not whisper everything you said. do doctors really forget that patients are human too; do they just not care; or do we keep getting the crap ones?

blogging will be light the next few days. i have to catch up on the work i've missed over this debacle...

it's simple science

light travels faster than sound; which is why some people seem bright until they speak.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

that sunday thing

it seems the vogue amongst bloggers to have some odd round-up of other blogs and highlight each other musings and so on - back sctratching is what the campaign calls it.

here's the campaigns version:

the only round up worth caring about it by scottish blogging roundup - it does exactly what it says on the tin.

chameleons have a clever arguement about why some laws, with good intent, are actually very bad laws.

world of jack has been added as link due to entertaining me; stalking jacky mcconnell with wit and patience - i couldn't follow a single minded campaign with such conviction and cleverness.

and good auld tel has been added because he really is the best advertisement for the destruction of socialism ever.

wife in the north has been removed. i have promoted this blog here, here but because of this i don't have the same affection for it. somehow it was more gripping when anonymous... i notice too that it is now .com not

and the good lord jamie sempill has also been deleted due his resigning as a scottish conservative candidate for edinburgh.

scottish lib dem pre-manifesto

makes for an interesting read. interesting also that the main stories to come out this weekend's conference was their call for more community police and not about any of the crazy things they've suggested below.

pages 4 to 9 are pure fantasy. they want to get rid of nuclear energy and have scotland powered entirely by renewable energy by 2050.
in 2004 1,043 wind turbines produced a mere 0.4% of energy consumption; a few million more might replace nuclear energy! solar power in the uk is unlikely to be very successful, sunny weather in britain? hydro-electricity only contributes 2% of needs, the entire british coast covered in wave turbines would not replace nuclear.

the crazy buggers also want to switch to "local energy" and talk of de-centralised energy. have these people not heard of engineers?

It is a hoot when you realise that the creation of the national grid out of more
localised distribution networks before WWII reduced spare capacity from 85% to
15%, a capital saving which represented 75% of the cost of creating the national
grid. And generating costs were cut by 25%.

page 5 even insinuates that scotland exports green technology to denmark... erm no. that's a lie. but then the lib dems are good at lying. the truth dear liers is that denmark is leagues a head of scotland on this one.

there's something admirable about pages 10 - 15, even if a little mis-guided. there is lots of intent for improving the lives of young people. however, the lib dems have proved they are not capable of fulfilling these aims. they have been in power for two parliaments and still have failed to do anything they promise in this document. secondly, there is no point calling for more football and basketball leagues on page 11 when the lib dems are openly against competitive sports.

their plans for the economy seem blinkered by the volume of jobs renewable energy will provide and thus concentrate largely on research; read page 18. if i was one of the thousands of people working in the oil industry i would be worried by this document.

on page 26 they call for stricter controls on cars around schools... good job for me that i only pass four schools on the way to work. maybe the lib dems will build extra roads so i can avoid schools. if they don't and restrict me from taking this route i will be forced to travel further due to these de-tours; that means more carbon emissions and all that other stuff eco-mentalists claim is contributing to global warming.

the lib dems are wrong on this; some people have to drive and legislating to increase their journey is plain stupid.

page 30 calls for more tax. oh dear...

people make me laugh

i've commented a couple of times about how i enjoy reading the blog 'wife in the north' - i probably enjoy it so much as i know the area she writes about as i grew up next door to it. also, i hate london and didn't particularly enjoy living in edinburgh and find cities as unfamiliar as she does the countryside. in a way the blog is the reverse of my own thoughts and experiences.

now the author has been rewarded for being better than the rest of us with a book deal worth around £70,000, good on her. her experiences of living in an unfamiliar world will be serialised by viking penguin books.

amusingly on the times website the comments section covering the story have attracted the p.c. brigade and the jealous. some people don't seem willing to let others be successful.

the first comment comes from someone who didn't appreciate wife in the north's opinion of health visitors... funny that, blogs containing opinions. that's the appeal of them. on the right i have linked blogs whose broad opinions i disagree with but read them as they are, at least, well written. if someone has a negative experience they are allowed the opinion on this. health visitors may well be generally good, but if there's a crap one then there's a crap one.

the second comment seems to come from someone who has slaved away to get a publishing deal herself and thus far failed. complaining that someone who has already been successful, and did so through unorthodox channels is poor form; in a way succeeding outside the box makes it more of an achievement.

now they've taxed you to death, they want you dead

one more step for eco-terrorists, one big blow for everyone else.

i thought nulabour idiocy on the motorway had reached its zenith when they demanded every child under 5 foot be strapped up in booster seats forcing families with more than two children to buy bigger motors to accomodate the extra space requirement. bigger motors, of course, condemed as planet killers by environmentalists and are thus uber-taxed. they legislated to force you to step up and be taxed more; brilliant.

now though they want to turn the lights off and let you crash in the dark. some numpty has decided that turning off the street lights in britain will have the effect of saving the universe so that is what nulabour will duly due.

by the time the trials are up and running 10% of the country's streetlights will be switched off the save the planet. the governments own findings argue that street lights reduce nighttime accidents by 30%. so they are knowgingly putting your life in danger!

"please come again"

some say i stole this from theo; they lie :-)

Friday, February 16, 2007

they really do think we're stupid

today the mighty home minister john reid announced he would build another 8,000 prison places.

last week tony bliar boasted "We built another 20,000 prison places." meaning this labour government have provided these places.

and then the mighty john reid goes over to south london; where 4 teenagers have recently been shot and chimes that there has been a huge reduction in crime whilst labour have been in power.

erm... from the top.

those 8,000 prison places will not be ready until 2012. that's over 5 years away! the prison population did "not start rising last wednesday" you ignorant fool, they have been going up for over 20 years. so you mean we have to suffer because of your short-sightedness? god i hope that every paedo and rapist that gets let out because of your idiocy takes the time to butt fuck you!

20,000 new prison places emperor bliar? really? is that right? are you sure now? you fucking moron. the only extra prison places you have the credit for are in bronzefield and peterbrough; the other seven were commissioned or being built by the previous tory government. that's before 1997 you fuckwit. i hope and pray every night that you get arrested for this 'cash for peerages' fraud and that they stick you in your own special prison. one so bloody small you cannot stand and then we'll hoist you above the gates of 10 downing street as a warning for all future prime ministers; do not fucking lie, cheat and abuse this country!

and our dear john again; who walked to the devasting scene of murder and gun crime and proclaimed that crime has fallen. you moronic little bastard; gun crime has doubled! what arrogance of this man who tells the bereaved family of a recently murdered son that crime is down when the only crime they give a fuck about has gone up?!? after you've been brutally raped by the same people you've happily set free to pray on our children, mr reid, i hope someone takes these guns and blows your balls off! you slimey, lying, two faced animal. there truly is no-one so evil hearted as you; playing politics with a bereaving family....

i suppose it keeps them off the street

have you heard the one about three little old ladies from county durham who knitted jumpers for penguins in australia?

competition time

our tel has been up to his usual. this time he's insinuating that our soliders lack intelligence and the media never write the truth about them - and to think he started off his post with a anti-israeli rant. legend.

for those who enjoy watching arrogance get verbally tongue tied have a read of terry kelly's latest reason not to vote labour whilst those who enjoy seeing arrogance get beat up read the comments.

oh yeah; the competition is to find out what exactly he is trying to say and/or the point of his post because i'm clearly not up to his heavyweight level.

are you reading her yet?

if not, then you are missing something powerful. this is what makes a good blog. if you want a daily blog that doesn't have the bizarrness of this one, then bookmark this. for the newbies go back a few weeks and follow the story.

hats off

to ada mason who lived to 111 years old! take a moment and think about that. she was born in 1896. my degree involved studying events more recent than that.

wishes and respect to an amazing achievement.

read more here.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

new setback for wembley stadium

just when we all thought wembley stadium was on course to be finished some time this decade, someone went and let john prescott jump up and down nearby; watch this!

am i missing the point?

all day yesterday the radio talked of how british children were the least well-off out of 21 industrialised countries with the nanny states of scandinavia battling with holland for "most well-off" - i do love officialdom speak! the beep even have a feature on it.

here's the thing; 3 out of the 6 criteria involved smoking, drink and sex... erm, how does a lot of that make one unhappy?

last night i had a conversation with a daily mail reading type who was bemoaning the loss of youth and the decline in something or another. when i asked her about her mothers childhood i was treated to stories of the jarrow march, life down the pits and being married off at 16! married off! the kids of scumdee may jumping in the sack earlier than they should be, but at least they get to choose who with...

the young 'uns today may be worse (pick category) than the whipper-snappers of the 50's and 60's who probably never had it so good; but be it a labour or conservative government, i would sooner but a teenager today than at any other time - and since greater prosperity beckons living here than elsewhere in socialist europe i would sooner be schooled here.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

it's catching!

earlier today i posted about a district council group leader being de-selected.

this was followed by a scottish conservative candidate confirming he had resigned.

and now an mp has been de-selected! crickey, is there a cull going on or is this just a random day?

Sir Patrick Cormack, one of the longest-serving MPs and the Conservative who
secured the biggest swing for his party at the last election, failed by a narrow
margin to be readopted at a meeting of his Staffordshire South constituency
association. Sir Patrick, 67, an MP since 1970, is expected to appeal to a full
meeting of his 500-strong constituency party to overturn the executive decision.
His majority is 8,847. Sir Patrick’s views have not always gone down well
with the Tory Right. He supports the Iraq war and tried to build consensus on
contentious issues, leading cross-party delegations to ministers.

n.b. de-selection is a poor term; the correct term is "not reselected", but ack - the result is the same.

scottish conservatives resignation?

jamie sempill has resigned as candidate for edinburgh central, or is that just a rumour?

check out his site on

update 1347; confirmed. scottish conservatives candidate for edinburgh central, jamie sempill, has resigned, though scco don't seem in a hurry to tell anyone. thoughts on who his replacement will be? i can't think of any local councillors for that area and the party is strongest in the south and west so no local choice from there.


yesterday on bbc news 24 they mentioned that the uk's oil production is set to decrease by 10% over the next few years. will the snp still continue with their daft claims that north sea oil will more than fund an independant scotland?

yesterday i defrag'd the auld man's laptop - it took 7 hrs!!! 82% of his hard-drive is full, largely of holiday pics. random.

yesterday i watched an association de-select their district council group leader; i can do this job for a long time and never see that again...

so, just what is noel gallagher's favourite biscuit?

Monday, February 12, 2007

the french lurch left and europe moves right

she may be attractive but royale's also a flipping nutjob.

whilst europe moves to the right (sweden the most recent country to elect a centre-right party) the french socialist party lurches ever more into insanity. when will these people learn, socialism does not work.

the best post for a long time

comes from mr. eugenides with his ode to patsy - even the picture is perfect.
the nhs has been in the news again with the closure of yet more, yet more broken promises and yet more nulabour spin. i was going to post but now i don't see the point, a great summary is available elsehwere.

here's a taste:

But we can be sure of one thing; Patricia Hewitt is a lying cunt with a soul as black as the pits of hell, and her stewardship of the NHS has been a fully-fledged disaster. There are no more words left to describe her; no more gruesome punishments I can imagine for this horrendous woman.

take a seat and give his post from saturday 10 feb a read.

peter hain is a dangerous man

the northern irish secretary, peter hain, has decided not to take an interest in the affairs of ulster but instead concentrate on his deputy leadership contest with an outrageous statement at the weekend.

he's called for city bonuses to be taxed and regulated by the government with two-thirds going to charity. apparently these bonuses

were fuelling envy and social discontent


first off; the government already taxes these bonuses - it's called income tax which is at 40% for high earners. so the government already gets 40% and now want another 66%...

secondly city bonuses are exactly that - bonuses. if middlesbrough football club are wanting to buy a new player who as the target of other clubs i expect middlesbrough to offer the higest wage to attract the best players. does mr hain object to this? if he doesnt then he cannot object to city bonuses as they are the same thing; big firms paying large somes for the best staff.

finally, the financial sector is one of the industries where britain can genuinely claim to be a world leader and the country benefits hugely from the revenue raised. for hain to threaten all this because he doesnt like to see successful people benefit from their labour is reckless and irresponsible.

i know he's making a lurch to the left to shore up some support for his deputy leadership campaign, but he should be careful. inward investment is scared off by such dangerous talk; and sounding like a socialist helps no-body.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

those dems seem set to make things interesting

a rare compliment for the left; but it seems like the democrats are intent on making things interesting as they drag american politics into the 21st century and away from the rich, white male zone it has become entrenched in.

first there came a woman, now comes an african american.

good on them i say.

who do you trust most to run the economy?

the party that ran up a £23 million debt or the party that can balance the books?

read here.

i wonder how their review is coming along.

Friday, February 09, 2007

glorious news!

i'm told that i am told this every year and react with the same glee... nothing like a dose of groudhog day style happiness. anyways, 'er indoors has just informed me that the danes don't celebrate valentine's day! excellent, both my wallet and i breathe a sign of relief!

and for those unlucky enough to have to spend a weeks pay on buying something just to avoid being nagged should think about buying this, link stolen from theo spark.

an ickle barney

someone told me i write about football too much; tough :-)

fake dr gillian mcfuck

i once called her the most annoying person on t.v.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

new candidate website launched

the scottish conservative candidate for livingston has just launched her website: fiona is could be described as one of goldie's girls - 3 of the 8 regions elected a female as first in the rankings under the party's one member one vote system, and fiona didn't do too badly either.

i envisenge several changes over the next few days but until then the site is near completion. spread the word, or indeed let me know if you spot any mistakes as we test the new additions.

you vs the rest of the country!

so who - like me - has only just discovered politicalsurvey2005 ? for those uninitiated you answer a series of questions on your politics and it generates a series of tables and charts to plot your beliefs/answers against the country. the country's answers come from polling for the 2005 election.

i was not surprised with the results it for me but i was very surprised to them compared against the country at large.

the first graph gives a snap shot of where you are on thee auld axis of beliefs. in this graph the vertical line ranges from socialist to free-market. i came very free-market, more than the majority. across the horizontal the range is from internationalist/rehabilitation through to hang'n'flog 'em and eurosceptic. i came almost dead centre - with the rest of the country! wierd.

the analysis goes on:

The results on this page refer only to your position on the first and most important axis. Positions on this axis describe your views on crime and punishment, Europe, and other transnational issues including immigration and international law.

it seems that 37.8% of men and 36.0% of women are to the right of me on these issues. now i find this quite surprising; i always knew i could be a tad liberal on these issues but i hadn't realised i was dead centre with the country and that a third are more right than i! curious. i wonder what questions pushed me to the centre; i have a tacit support for the death pentaly for the likes of hindley and shipman et al and am definately pro custodial sentences over rehabilitation (asbo's assured to get me going). maybe it was because i don't really mind about differing cultures/sexuality and all that stuff governments shouldn't be getting involved with.

moving on:

The results on this page refer only to your position on the second and less important axis. Positions on this axis describe your views on public and private involvement in the economy, international trade, redistributive taxation... and Iraq.

a whopping 84.3% of the country polled to the left of me with only 4.2% of those claiming to be conservatives to the right of me on these issues and only 2.2% of my age to the right. well, that's settled then.

the country is with me on the social issues but needs re-educating on everything else! :-)

anyone else slightly surprised by the results they got?

Monday, February 05, 2007

a quick round up of what's interesting on mother beep

watch out hillary clinton.

jacky mcconnell thinks we're stupid and that this will have any affect. where's the real policies boyo? if i walk to the pizza shop how will that help the environment? my pizza stills comes in unrecycled cardboard, the pizza shop still leaves the door open to be more inviting to visitors - forcing it to keep the heating on more. pillock. trains are still more expensive than car ownership! and you're supposed to be the socialist. retard.

but then why should we listen to eco-wankers anyway?

my kind of animal!

labour's third overhaul of the education system in a decade! obviously they are too stupid to learn from the a.s. level fiasco. muppets.

new cf blog launched

richmond (yorks) cf now have a blog. it needs ironing out but we all know these things take time. spread the word to anyone you think might be interested. the blog can be found here. and no, i'm not the person whose name is listed on it... ;-)

this weeks top motor

was meant to be some ford but with the moving and changing of email addresses i have absolutely no idea where the uck the picture is.... email again for next week...

instead the campaign team brings you the bugatti veron, featured in yesterday's top gear, and there are 3 simple reasons to worship this car.

oh, and since the world and his wife tuned in to top gear to see a grown man stop a car dead from over 300 mph with his head - up from its usual 4 million viewers - i have this special message [naught words] fuck off if you sat there tutting and stroking your beard you knitted-jumper wearing wazzock, we don't all think that fun is hugging trees. cars are machines and pushing the boundaries is what humans do, if it were up to you we would still be sat in fucking caves wondering why the missus is pissed that you hug shrubs more than you do her, pricks.[/naughty words].

the 3 reasons are:

it can go over 250 mph.

it comes with 1,000 bhp, my escort has about 12...

it costs so much that i will happily marry whatever animal, mineral or vegitable that can afford one.

if you have a car you want to see adorned on this blog send a pic to boardman [dot] r [at] btinternet [dot] com. give a reason(s) to help the biog bit out, otherwise i'll employ google...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

he he

not stolen from world of jack, not at all... ;-)

a triumverate of female leaders, led by the glamorous royal.

yum yum - oh come on, she is pretty attractive... maybe...

the 'news review' in the scottish version of the sunday times today asks 'will women rule the world' and reports on the possibilty that hillary clinton will take the democratic nomination in america joing angela merkel from germany as her country's leader. it seems also that france might join them with segolene royal "courting the french voters".

firstly, just imagine how entertaining it would be if boris johnston was british prime minister and he had to deal 'professionaly' with 3 women? secretaries running for cover everywhere...

secondly, what an interesting world we might live in. trying to avoid the usual sexism complaints here it is fairly accepted that women are less belligerent. unlike bliar who has declared war more times than any since days of empire.

sadly, the article promised much in the sense it might be illuminate the world of politics and the female role - it did try somewhat - but i felt it concentrated too much on their respective looks and femininity. has anyone else read the article? does it matter as much as 4 columns in a two page spread on what clothes they wear, what hairstyles they have and so on?

take this: "In common with Clinton and Merkel, Royal looks far more attractive today than she did a decade ago,.."

i have heard much made of cameron's supposed good looks and i vaguely remember bliar having the 'good looks' edge over john major (couldn't resist that one) but did the issue matter as much for them as it appears to do for clinton, royal and merkel? do women have to wory more about their looks than men in politics?

vis-a-vis the pic: i just didn't expect such humour from the times, will i still regard as stuffy.

have you met terry yet?

spend a few minutes to meet terry - a typical labour/socialist councillor representing east renfrewshire council in scotland. he's the kind of socialist you get all over the west of scotland and the north of england. he's also a good reason for not voting labour. note how he even labels himself a socialist.

note also in his post on the second he wrote this about those who argue against him:

years ago before blogging, used to get their kicks by writing anonymous poison
pen letters particularly to vulnerable people, ( someone is watching you type of
thing ) I suppose though that blogging provides a kind of safety valve for them,
who knows what some of them might get up to if they couldn't take out their
frustrations in this way. I wonder if the figures for certain kinds of crime
have dropped since the advent of blogging? there is the possibility of course
that figures for these things might go up when some folk start blogging and get
themselves into a state of, well, what kind of state ?

now meet those poison pen writers who would otherwise be committing crimes if it weren't for their computers: nb i have tried to ensure a range of political opinions here inc. ukip, tory and snp. read their post and those they link too.

the entertaining devils kitchen, the colourful doctor vee, then there's clairwil and here, one of terry's constituents in right for scotland, mr macnumpty and again here.

is terry really expecting us to believe that all these peeps from across the specturm have mental issues and are potential criminals? or is it just that terry kelly is a bloody good advert for the destruction of socialism?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

avoid clever dicks - at all cost

for they serve the worst food on the royal mile and half their bar staff are stoned - usually amusing but not when you see your food go from table to table before they realise the only ones with knifes and forks may, perhaps, just be the table waiting for food..!

'er indoors thought her chicken kiev tasted like the food she got at her old uni digs - says alot - whilst i had lumpy mashed potato which splashed the water-like gravy all over the shop everytime you tried to cut it. i mean, cutting mashed tatties, ffs. the nacho's cost over 5 quid taking the bill to near £27 which is more expensive than the worlds end where food tastes like food.

and you thought denmark was boring...

Friday, February 02, 2007

does this make me a democrat?

it's an american quiz so not wholly relevant - ie i believe in the nhs and "the line below which we cannot allow our poor to fall" - thus answering questions on this obviously swung the socialist total. would be interesting to see one set up for british politics...

You Are 48% Capitalist, 52% Socialist

While you are definitely sympathetic to a free economy, you also worry about the less fortunate.
Wealth and business is fine, as long as those who are in need get helped out too.
You tend to see both the government and corporations as potentially corrupt.

did hell just freeze over?

but it seems that england have finally beat the auzzies at cricket! we didn't just beat them, we won by 92 runs which is quite a respectible score in a one dayer...

anyone else thinking 'bloody typical' or 'about ucking time'? still, at least we can now say it wasn't a complete whitewash down under.

and on the sports news massimo maccarone - that utter arse - who cost boro £8 million and scored an average 1 goal in 4 was finally sold the other week. i let it go by without a tirade of "get lost you useless ucker" style comments as he did score a couple of important goals last season. however, he's found time to call boro's most successful manager all sorts and blame his unpopularity on teeside on somone with more sense than to play that shower of turd! the cheek! "i'm crap and it's all your fault"

his agent is now saying he was mis-quoted. rest assured you bald, incompetent wanker that i am not mis-quoted in saying that when i learn to make moving images and other fancy flash i will dedicate a day to having you strung up to a yard arm and the £20,000 a week you earned on the subs bench slapped out of you, you amoeba brained prick.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

new links on the right there

the campaign has a rather limited links section. this is probably because i agree with what cassilis said. i came across the depth of blogging in my last job as an ecampaigner where i needed to keep an eye and what was being said/reported/etc and give feedback. i liked the ranting ability it gave. so those who accuse me of being selective with the links should know that i only link to those i genuinely read daily for whatever reason. below are a few more i've found myself checking out daily.

doctorvee - who i've added as a scottish blog, someone let me know if i'm ucked here. i may not agree with everything he writes but i like the fact he seems to think before blogging. i just get a bee in my bonnet and go for it. also a visually impressive layout to his blog.

theo spark - when i first came across his site i honestly thought i'd came across a porn fest, no -prizes for guessing why i returned - but alas, i just caught him on a booby heavy day. it is an amusing mix of tits and politics and i must confess i like his 'daily totty' section so much i stole the premise - look to the top right to see my more sedate version.

wife in the north - so far the best blog i have found. her language is first class and the visions she describes so succintly are amazing. she appears to be the train wreck caused by middle class cockney running into typical northern england countryside. vivid, entertaining and thought provoking. being from the country in the north, and only having lived in the country (university included) all my life except in edinburgh for a year where i experienced the 'fish out of water' sensation she is having now i may be promoting this blog more than its worth. but i like it.

and a special mention for the funniest fucker i've spotted so far.

the spine - i dont really read his blurp as i don't find them as funny as his pictures. so many times i've been tempted to nick a pic or too and use them. actually i think my facebook page is full of his artwork. ack, he'll never know...

brilliant management

some have argued that the current "crisis" with the home office - i've actually lost count of how many there are now - is part of nulabour's utter inability to organise a pish-up in a brewery and that the lack of prison places is a disgrace.

has no-one else wondered if it wasn't a clear and clever policy by nulabour instigated way back when the cash for honours investigation began last spring? so far over 90 people have been interviewed with 4 arrested (lord cashpoint, bliar's advisor ruth turner, labour donor chris evans - the other one - and some head teacher). emperor bliar himself has now been 'interviewd' for a second time.

they're clearly guilty of something so the campaign is wondering if the prison places "crisis" is not a clever attempt to avoid being sent down the jeffery archer way.... if it is then it utter brilliance, commit a crime then re-write the law to ensure you don't get done for it...

have the scots got a point?

one of the many anti-english rants i heard when living in scotland was how terribly awful it is that the media only concentrate on english matters and rarely what's happening north of the border. those possessed with minimal intellectual powers even use this as a reason to be pro independance. i just dismissed this as people not realising that more happens in england and thus there's more interesting things to talk about than crofting.

sometimes i pointed out that it was not a pro english bias but a pro southern english bias. watch match of the day; northern clubs are usually the last to be shown whilst we are forced to watch a drab goalless draw between west ham and eastenders.

afterall, north east news tonight is about as dull as the rabbit-fondling eco-nonsense shown on bbc scotland. however, the southern english bias is even more noticeable from 'ere up north.

all local media are reporting that in the recent match between the finest team in football and portsmouth the boro were lucky not to lose and our stand in goalie made a string of good saves. the london pish are reporting that if it wasn't for one super-dooper save by the portsmouth goalie in the last minute boro would have won... erm... say what now?

those who bothered to struggle through the plethora of airtime spent on the southern teams to get to the boro game would have seen umpteen shots by portsmouth and only two by the boro. the so called physics defying save by their goalie was accomplished without him even leaving the ground. the daily torygraph argued that, on account of this save, he should be playing for england.

the scots have a point but only a little one; for they forget that england begins at the cheviot hills and those controlling the media think england ends at the m25.