Friday, March 09, 2007

gazumping the tories

never one to miss a trick, theo spark hoodwinks the scottish tories and releases his own manifesto; the left wing activist does not miss a beat as he calls for the return to full blooded communism:

To reduce the power of unelected assholes who spawn ridiculous legislation
purely to give themselves a sense of importance,

fed up with the governments law and order policy being 'tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime', theo calls for more rehab and counseling:

We bring back Hanging for Terrorists, serial killers, child killers and

and it seems the current government has not gone far enough with letting all the peado's out early, theo wants this speeded up:

Prison sentences must carry the full term, parole is a joke, hard labour and
'chain gangs' cannot be written off. Good behavior will be rewarded with access
to television, internet access and 'easy duties'.

in an attempt to woo the young, energetic commie from their tree-hugging festivals theo proposes a real constitutional shake-up:

The drinking age to be raised to 21. This should slow them down.

as with all commie's theo has chosen the isolationist foreign policy which will be followed by years of inward investment before establishing diplomatic ties across nations:

We have a duty to protect the population of our ex colonies, so Mugabe must be
taken out he is destabilising Southern Africa and must be assassinated at first

naturally hes a fan of the trade unions:

Their day is over.

and pro banks:

Credit card and overdraft rates to be pinned to 2% above Bank of England base
rate. Screw the Banks!

not to mention a strong supporter of increasing incapacity benefits for those, whom, life is just too tough:

When children reach 16 they will have 3 choices, stay at school for A levels, a
2 year apprenticeship with a company, or 2 years military service.

dont think im looking forward to the scottish conservative conference in perth as much anymore ;-)

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