Tuesday, March 13, 2007

would have thought they'd have targets for these things

it's now been 25 days since the scan and we are still awaiting the results. so that's; august for the attack, january for the first check up, february for the first scan and no results by january. the nhs is truely slow at getting things done.

what we have received though is letter from the counsellor... do you remember her?

january we saw her, march we get the letter she promised to send to the gp with us circulated in. it made for interested reading.

like holocaust denyers she accused us of not accepting the condition as epilepsy. i refer you to my previous posts and will let you work out if i'm in denial. she criticised us for choosing not to begin taking the medication (popping pills to stop the brian short-circuting basically). let's ingnore the maxim of 'patients choice' for a moment and have a look at the effects of taking the drugs. they increase the risk of giving birth to a disabled child and/or miscarraige etc from 2% to 4.7%, they are a confirmation that the attack was not a one off, but a likely recurrance. patient choice allows for not taking medication that will only help avoid (not prevent) seizures and since chances of a problematic birth are more than doubled the choice becomes a personnal one. having the condition confirmed invokes large life style changes. there's the obvious; banned from driving or operating most machinery. the quirky; informing the life-guard of your condition every you go for a swim. to the every day; look around you, if you were to have a seizure right now what could hurt you as you fall? the corner of the desk? need to buy those plastice covers. the pen holders? dont want one of those babies going in your eye on the way down do you? wants on the floor? happy lying on that to have a seizure? do you cook? will the oven burn your food and start a fire whilst you have a seizure? then don't cook that particular meal unless someone else is in the house.

you see, we're still waiting to find out if it was a one off or not. all the hospital want to do is send 'er indoors to see the counsellor. councsellor's keeping themselves in a job by refering everyone to each other. because yes, that was what the letter recommended, that she seek counselling to help come to terms with the 'condition'. oh, so she can confirm the condition but those who took the tests cannot? where's the damn test results then?

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