Friday, March 02, 2007

take the sleasyjet

yesterday, about half four in kings cross i was reminded of why i always avoid using the train.

Y: single to darlington, please.

fat ticket seller in kings cross: open return?

Y: err, no. just a one way single.

fat ticket seller: that'll be £102.50 please.

Y: for a single? to darlington?

fat ticket seller: correct.

Y: how long does the journey take?

fat ticket seller: about three hours.

Y: so you're charging me £1 for every 2 minutes?

fat ticket seller: well you need to bare in mind it's about 200 miles north.

Y: and you need to bare in mind that's £1 for every 2 miles.

fat ticket seller: may i suggest sir tries taking the plane?

now, did he advise i use his competitors or was he politely telling me to fuck off?

take the fat man's advice; if drivings not an option travel by plane, even if it's sleasyjet.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

All part of the conspiracy theory. Over tax, under educate, ban this and that, make travel expensive. Bit by bit we're losing our freedoms and our country!

chief Y is a vowel campaigner said...

wouldnt go as far as pointing to a conspiracy; though i do believe socialism is creeping in through the back door.