Tuesday, March 13, 2007


maybe it was a mistake to change the header sub-title from "this is not a political blog, but a blog by someone interested in politics" to "theres' no excuse for bad grammar".

for starters it caused confusion amongst some - bill cameron seemed to have some fun missing the point. but then, regular readers may have read that debate.

secondly; my traffic is now triple what it used to be. considering this is normally a personnal communication to friends and family i find that interesting. i note too that edinburgh has provided over 26% of the hits in the last week, normally this is less than 3%. maybe my earlier point was close to the mark...

and finally, there are peeps trying to tease me to on comment on issues relating to the party in scotland. yes, i may know one or two things but that does not mean i will comment on them. have a look around the layout of this blog; my flag is firmly planted in the conservative camp, so what makes anons. think i will respond to every suggestion is confusing. if you want a serious debate on the issues then read the bloglinks i have attached for scotland. i have chosen them because i believe they give an interesting - and often polarised - take on events.

if you have a blog, and make a comment, i will respond (even weneedachange) but anons will not get that same promise.

sorry, but this is not a political blog, but a blog by someone interested in politics. may i direct you to some blogs that are political?

i like mr j mc. and just follow his links for the rest.


Anonymous said...

C'mon now Dean, we only want to know your take on things!

chief Y is a vowel campaigner said...

quality :-)

Alan Simpson said...

So what do you make of the Mundell affair? A step too far? I feel if there is a report card, as is reported, then is position is indefensible. No?