Wednesday, February 28, 2007

they've clearly never been to the western general

today the executive is back slapping like crazy after the recent nhs waiting times have been published and the scottish press duly reported headlines like this.

the royal infirmary is credited as being one of the worst in the country yet the scotsman felt the need to start their story with a spot of back scratching.

and when scottish papers see through the labour lies they do so in support of the nats.

but the fact remains that in the lothian region alone 6,000 patients have been removed from the waiting list and placed on the reserve-waiting list, so duh, the fdged figures are bound to look good. and let’s not forget that last June, the bma alleged that some nhs managers had asked for certain cancer surgeries to be postponed so more minor operations like wisdom teeth treatment could be done within waiting target times.

go private people - especially if you run the risk of being sent to the general western in edinburgh!

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