Wednesday, January 31, 2007

i wonder which list we are on...

there is much talk of nhs waiting lists and there is much talk of hospital targets. tories criticise whilst nulabour tell us we've never had it so good.

pleased then, back in august, when 'er indoors took a turn that the ambulance managed to find us on a country lane in the middle of fifeshire in under 15 minutes from the phone call. even more impressed by the speed at which she was diagnosed, treated as asked if she wanted to stay the night or go home to rest.

not so pleased that it took until december to see a consultant and find about the treatment the doctors' believe is best. not overly impressed to discover her gp was not notified for over a month.

pleased that within weeks of seeing a consultant in december an appointment was made for mid january to have the mri and cat scans.

not at all pleased with the sight of edinburgh's western general hospital. a dirty concrete mess with narrow walls and no floor. okay, they had a floor, from the entrance we went in all the way to the neurological department in fact. but it had no lino. it had been removed. what was left was the green sticky material they use to affix said lino to the floorboards. patches of this green sticky stuff had worn off allowing pools of water to accumulate after the cleaners had wiped the floor.

certainly not pleased to see an elderly man in a bed, in the corrider of sticky green floor without a medical atendee, and only a few yards away from a cleaning cupboard where the orderly had absent mindedly left a bucket of dirty swill by the doorway. i had thought about taking a picture but then it occured to me that his indignatoin was great enough without some whippersnapper taking photos.

not pleased to discover that it was not for the mri and/cat cat scan we were summoned - its seems we are not on that list yet. in fact, we had waited two months, not for futher examinations, but to see a counsellor who said things like "it's more common than people think" "you shouldn't feel worried" "you can talk to me". we didn't stay long. we in that room less than we were in the waiting room. it seems we discovered yet another layer of beaucracy in the nhs.

said counsellor promised she would place 'er indoors on the list for a scan and would get back to us that day. that day was yesterday and we still have not heard from them. it seems we are on a waiting list to receive a phone call.

so which waiting list are we one. we are clearly on one; but is it to have a scan, receive a phone call, to see another waste of time counsellor or to get the prescription. 6 months later and still no prescription (which we're told will be a form of steroids, quality).

when someone suffers an epileptic fit they are band from driving for one year. at this rate 'er indoors will be legally allowed to drive again before the nhs finally declare her, legally, as an epileptic.

nulabour can say what they want. users of the nhs know it is a total shambles. if they don't believe me speak to 'er indoors, who is danish. and the danes know what a world class health system looks like. best i don't repeat her verdict on all this...

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