Thursday, February 01, 2007

brilliant management

some have argued that the current "crisis" with the home office - i've actually lost count of how many there are now - is part of nulabour's utter inability to organise a pish-up in a brewery and that the lack of prison places is a disgrace.

has no-one else wondered if it wasn't a clear and clever policy by nulabour instigated way back when the cash for honours investigation began last spring? so far over 90 people have been interviewed with 4 arrested (lord cashpoint, bliar's advisor ruth turner, labour donor chris evans - the other one - and some head teacher). emperor bliar himself has now been 'interviewd' for a second time.

they're clearly guilty of something so the campaign is wondering if the prison places "crisis" is not a clever attempt to avoid being sent down the jeffery archer way.... if it is then it utter brilliance, commit a crime then re-write the law to ensure you don't get done for it...

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