Monday, February 05, 2007

this weeks top motor

was meant to be some ford but with the moving and changing of email addresses i have absolutely no idea where the uck the picture is.... email again for next week...

instead the campaign team brings you the bugatti veron, featured in yesterday's top gear, and there are 3 simple reasons to worship this car.

oh, and since the world and his wife tuned in to top gear to see a grown man stop a car dead from over 300 mph with his head - up from its usual 4 million viewers - i have this special message [naught words] fuck off if you sat there tutting and stroking your beard you knitted-jumper wearing wazzock, we don't all think that fun is hugging trees. cars are machines and pushing the boundaries is what humans do, if it were up to you we would still be sat in fucking caves wondering why the missus is pissed that you hug shrubs more than you do her, pricks.[/naughty words].

the 3 reasons are:

it can go over 250 mph.

it comes with 1,000 bhp, my escort has about 12...

it costs so much that i will happily marry whatever animal, mineral or vegitable that can afford one.

if you have a car you want to see adorned on this blog send a pic to boardman [dot] r [at] btinternet [dot] com. give a reason(s) to help the biog bit out, otherwise i'll employ google...

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The Tory Hippy said...

>"it costs so much that I will happily marry whatever animal, mineral or vegetable that can afford one."

Ahhh...finally the answer - so that is the key to your heart/pants?