Thursday, February 01, 2007

have the scots got a point?

one of the many anti-english rants i heard when living in scotland was how terribly awful it is that the media only concentrate on english matters and rarely what's happening north of the border. those possessed with minimal intellectual powers even use this as a reason to be pro independance. i just dismissed this as people not realising that more happens in england and thus there's more interesting things to talk about than crofting.

sometimes i pointed out that it was not a pro english bias but a pro southern english bias. watch match of the day; northern clubs are usually the last to be shown whilst we are forced to watch a drab goalless draw between west ham and eastenders.

afterall, north east news tonight is about as dull as the rabbit-fondling eco-nonsense shown on bbc scotland. however, the southern english bias is even more noticeable from 'ere up north.

all local media are reporting that in the recent match between the finest team in football and portsmouth the boro were lucky not to lose and our stand in goalie made a string of good saves. the london pish are reporting that if it wasn't for one super-dooper save by the portsmouth goalie in the last minute boro would have won... erm... say what now?

those who bothered to struggle through the plethora of airtime spent on the southern teams to get to the boro game would have seen umpteen shots by portsmouth and only two by the boro. the so called physics defying save by their goalie was accomplished without him even leaving the ground. the daily torygraph argued that, on account of this save, he should be playing for england.

the scots have a point but only a little one; for they forget that england begins at the cheviot hills and those controlling the media think england ends at the m25.

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