Tuesday, February 06, 2007

you vs the rest of the country!

so who - like me - has only just discovered politicalsurvey2005 ? for those uninitiated you answer a series of questions on your politics and it generates a series of tables and charts to plot your beliefs/answers against the country. the country's answers come from polling for the 2005 election.

i was not surprised with the results it for me but i was very surprised to them compared against the country at large.

the first graph gives a snap shot of where you are on thee auld axis of beliefs. in this graph the vertical line ranges from socialist to free-market. i came very free-market, more than the majority. across the horizontal the range is from internationalist/rehabilitation through to hang'n'flog 'em and eurosceptic. i came almost dead centre - with the rest of the country! wierd.

the analysis goes on:

The results on this page refer only to your position on the first and most important axis. Positions on this axis describe your views on crime and punishment, Europe, and other transnational issues including immigration and international law.

it seems that 37.8% of men and 36.0% of women are to the right of me on these issues. now i find this quite surprising; i always knew i could be a tad liberal on these issues but i hadn't realised i was dead centre with the country and that a third are more right than i! curious. i wonder what questions pushed me to the centre; i have a tacit support for the death pentaly for the likes of hindley and shipman et al and am definately pro custodial sentences over rehabilitation (asbo's assured to get me going). maybe it was because i don't really mind about differing cultures/sexuality and all that stuff governments shouldn't be getting involved with.

moving on:

The results on this page refer only to your position on the second and less important axis. Positions on this axis describe your views on public and private involvement in the economy, international trade, redistributive taxation... and Iraq.

a whopping 84.3% of the country polled to the left of me with only 4.2% of those claiming to be conservatives to the right of me on these issues and only 2.2% of my age to the right. well, that's settled then.

the country is with me on the social issues but needs re-educating on everything else! :-)

anyone else slightly surprised by the results they got?


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Deacon Barry said...

I'm nowhere near the centre! I'm in the upper left corner, so on the horizontal scale I'm very left wing, and on the vertical scale I'm very right wing. That makes me a Green Conservative. OK, I'm cool with that.
Another similar survey had me as a centre-left anarchist, but that one was based on American politics.