Monday, February 05, 2007

a quick round up of what's interesting on mother beep

watch out hillary clinton.

jacky mcconnell thinks we're stupid and that this will have any affect. where's the real policies boyo? if i walk to the pizza shop how will that help the environment? my pizza stills comes in unrecycled cardboard, the pizza shop still leaves the door open to be more inviting to visitors - forcing it to keep the heating on more. pillock. trains are still more expensive than car ownership! and you're supposed to be the socialist. retard.

but then why should we listen to eco-wankers anyway?

my kind of animal!

labour's third overhaul of the education system in a decade! obviously they are too stupid to learn from the a.s. level fiasco. muppets.

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The Tory Hippy said...

>He had apparently tried out and rejected the mass-market Busch beer in favour of local brand Rainier.

>Fish and wildlife enforcement Sgt Bill Heinck said the bear tried one can of Busch and ignored the rest - then got stuck into three dozen cans of Rainier.

Hmmmm......I wonder what Sgt Heinck did with all the money he got paid from Rainier Beer? *grins*