Sunday, February 18, 2007

people make me laugh

i've commented a couple of times about how i enjoy reading the blog 'wife in the north' - i probably enjoy it so much as i know the area she writes about as i grew up next door to it. also, i hate london and didn't particularly enjoy living in edinburgh and find cities as unfamiliar as she does the countryside. in a way the blog is the reverse of my own thoughts and experiences.

now the author has been rewarded for being better than the rest of us with a book deal worth around £70,000, good on her. her experiences of living in an unfamiliar world will be serialised by viking penguin books.

amusingly on the times website the comments section covering the story have attracted the p.c. brigade and the jealous. some people don't seem willing to let others be successful.

the first comment comes from someone who didn't appreciate wife in the north's opinion of health visitors... funny that, blogs containing opinions. that's the appeal of them. on the right i have linked blogs whose broad opinions i disagree with but read them as they are, at least, well written. if someone has a negative experience they are allowed the opinion on this. health visitors may well be generally good, but if there's a crap one then there's a crap one.

the second comment seems to come from someone who has slaved away to get a publishing deal herself and thus far failed. complaining that someone who has already been successful, and did so through unorthodox channels is poor form; in a way succeeding outside the box makes it more of an achievement.

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