Sunday, February 18, 2007

now they've taxed you to death, they want you dead

one more step for eco-terrorists, one big blow for everyone else.

i thought nulabour idiocy on the motorway had reached its zenith when they demanded every child under 5 foot be strapped up in booster seats forcing families with more than two children to buy bigger motors to accomodate the extra space requirement. bigger motors, of course, condemed as planet killers by environmentalists and are thus uber-taxed. they legislated to force you to step up and be taxed more; brilliant.

now though they want to turn the lights off and let you crash in the dark. some numpty has decided that turning off the street lights in britain will have the effect of saving the universe so that is what nulabour will duly due.

by the time the trials are up and running 10% of the country's streetlights will be switched off the save the planet. the governments own findings argue that street lights reduce nighttime accidents by 30%. so they are knowgingly putting your life in danger!

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Anonymous said...

How nice back to the time on the yacht boy ,will we have a 3 day week ,imagine how much money that would save.