Sunday, February 04, 2007

have you met terry yet?

spend a few minutes to meet terry - a typical labour/socialist councillor representing east renfrewshire council in scotland. he's the kind of socialist you get all over the west of scotland and the north of england. he's also a good reason for not voting labour. note how he even labels himself a socialist.

note also in his post on the second he wrote this about those who argue against him:

years ago before blogging, used to get their kicks by writing anonymous poison
pen letters particularly to vulnerable people, ( someone is watching you type of
thing ) I suppose though that blogging provides a kind of safety valve for them,
who knows what some of them might get up to if they couldn't take out their
frustrations in this way. I wonder if the figures for certain kinds of crime
have dropped since the advent of blogging? there is the possibility of course
that figures for these things might go up when some folk start blogging and get
themselves into a state of, well, what kind of state ?

now meet those poison pen writers who would otherwise be committing crimes if it weren't for their computers: nb i have tried to ensure a range of political opinions here inc. ukip, tory and snp. read their post and those they link too.

the entertaining devils kitchen, the colourful doctor vee, then there's clairwil and here, one of terry's constituents in right for scotland, mr macnumpty and again here.

is terry really expecting us to believe that all these peeps from across the specturm have mental issues and are potential criminals? or is it just that terry kelly is a bloody good advert for the destruction of socialism?


Duncan said...

"nb i have tried to ensure a range of political opinions here inc. ukip, tory and snp."

Careful now. It will begin to look like a right wing nationalist conspiracy!!"1!

chief Y is a vowel campaigner said...

you jest? snp right wing?

on a serious note i couldn't find a labour blog denouncing him, nor do i know any lib dem blogs in which to search. after claiming that half the ssp vote will switch to them - in the wake of the sheridan affair - im happy enough to believe the snp are left wing enough to appeal to socialists.

which way to the lib dem blogs?

World of Jack said...

However there is only one Labour blog supporting him. And that's his daughter. Which is understandable of course.

Will said...

Oh, we jest, but TelKel is deadly serious! Anyone who denounces him is a part of the Right-Wing Reactionary Nationalist Conspiracy...

Of course, trying to get all the various parties to co-operate to work against one single Councillor form Renfrewshire would be far too difficult a task, not to mention far too pointless. I mean, if we were all to work together, it would have to be for all of us to walk into our nearest police station at once and say that Tony Blair offered us peerages for whatever money we had.

Scarily, though, people who wouldn't normally co-operate with one another now seem to be working together to shine the spotlight on him!

Duncan said...

chief Y is a vowel campaigner, my blog has been described as a Lib Dem blog by quite a few people. That's not how I would describe myself mind you.

chief Y is a vowel campaigner said...


which blog is this? if i click on your name for profile re-direct thing it says authorisation denied.


im half tempted to check out his ward under the stv boundary changes and see if it's actually possible for him to be un-seated...

doctorvee said...

I'm doctorvee. Since this New Blogger nonsense I sometimes get logged in as duncan and sometimes doctorvee. Sorry about the confusion.

The Tory Hippy said...

So I have just spent my entire morning researching this little saga which seems to be sweeping across Scottish political blogs like wildfire. I think "Terry Watch" is an excellent idea, he needs to be exposed for the idiot he most clearly is.