Friday, February 16, 2007

competition time

our tel has been up to his usual. this time he's insinuating that our soliders lack intelligence and the media never write the truth about them - and to think he started off his post with a anti-israeli rant. legend.

for those who enjoy watching arrogance get verbally tongue tied have a read of terry kelly's latest reason not to vote labour whilst those who enjoy seeing arrogance get beat up read the comments.

oh yeah; the competition is to find out what exactly he is trying to say and/or the point of his post because i'm clearly not up to his heavyweight level.


Daily Referendum said...

With sixteen years service in the armed forces I think I can say with some knowledge of the subject that Kelly is talking bollocks.

He couldn't find his arsehole if he took his head out of it to have a look.

chief Y is a vowel campaigner said...

16? crickey, puts my 4 years in the t.a. to shame.