Friday, February 16, 2007

they really do think we're stupid

today the mighty home minister john reid announced he would build another 8,000 prison places.

last week tony bliar boasted "We built another 20,000 prison places." meaning this labour government have provided these places.

and then the mighty john reid goes over to south london; where 4 teenagers have recently been shot and chimes that there has been a huge reduction in crime whilst labour have been in power.

erm... from the top.

those 8,000 prison places will not be ready until 2012. that's over 5 years away! the prison population did "not start rising last wednesday" you ignorant fool, they have been going up for over 20 years. so you mean we have to suffer because of your short-sightedness? god i hope that every paedo and rapist that gets let out because of your idiocy takes the time to butt fuck you!

20,000 new prison places emperor bliar? really? is that right? are you sure now? you fucking moron. the only extra prison places you have the credit for are in bronzefield and peterbrough; the other seven were commissioned or being built by the previous tory government. that's before 1997 you fuckwit. i hope and pray every night that you get arrested for this 'cash for peerages' fraud and that they stick you in your own special prison. one so bloody small you cannot stand and then we'll hoist you above the gates of 10 downing street as a warning for all future prime ministers; do not fucking lie, cheat and abuse this country!

and our dear john again; who walked to the devasting scene of murder and gun crime and proclaimed that crime has fallen. you moronic little bastard; gun crime has doubled! what arrogance of this man who tells the bereaved family of a recently murdered son that crime is down when the only crime they give a fuck about has gone up?!? after you've been brutally raped by the same people you've happily set free to pray on our children, mr reid, i hope someone takes these guns and blows your balls off! you slimey, lying, two faced animal. there truly is no-one so evil hearted as you; playing politics with a bereaving family....

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