Saturday, December 23, 2006

and the excuses begin early

gareth southgate - the manager of the greatest team in football - has come out this weekend and began the excuse squealing as to why the team is underperforming this season.

here's an update for the none campaigners. under the previous incumbent the boro finished mid-table regularly and even made seventh place one season. the boro played two seasons in europe getting to the final of the uefa cup on the second attempt - even winning a domestic cup in the process. under southgate the team are currently relegation fodder - 17th place as i type.

southgate's responce is to blame his predeccessor for the precarious position he has guided the team into:

Southgate claims Boro were left in a state of limbo following his appointment to
the England post. The Boro boss told the Daily Mail: "We have inherited problems from the previous season. "Most clubs had already planned their pre-seasons and planned their signings but we didn't have that in place as the manager knew he was going."
so southgate is blaming his old mentor for not doing all the homework for him as the reason the boro are struggling... ...the Y campaign has a few observations on this.

firstly; southgate's signings leave alot to scratch one's head over. robert huth for £6 million was a good shout whilst johnathon woodgate on loan seems inspired. however julio arca is not worth 1.75 pence let alone £1.75 million. abel xavier is clearly missing match fitness due to his 18 month drug suspention whilst pogatetz is a decent buy but has never proved himself quality premiership material. southgate still needs to justify why he let hasselbaink leave...

secondly: southgate's man management is thrown into doubt by steve round's departure. steve has been a stalwart coach for boro since 2001 and still had 3 and half years left on his contract. yet he walked earlier last month. no explanation given that the campaign can see.

thirdly: mclaren has proved himself as a good manager - southgate has not. the campaign is inclined to believe the proven over the rookie. southgate needs to pull boro out of this mire and secure a mid-table slot before he can take broadsides at someone who has been doing it for a while now.

update 29 xii 06: found an old article on the times website that alludes to a clear disagreement between styles, round being replaced by boro legend colin cooper. you can read the article here.

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