Saturday, December 23, 2006

i shouldn't speak

in an earlier post the Y campaign sought to criticise gareth southgate, not for his stewardship of the boro, but for his attack on the best manager the team has ever had. he blamed the recent poor form on the way mclaren left the club whilst the campaign pointed out that southgate has made some errors of his own in his 5 minutes at the helm.

one of those mistakes criticised was the signing of julio arca, another being boro's form which has reduced the european finalists to relegation cannon fodder.

well, today julio arca scored in a 2-0 win over charlton athletic and the team moved up to 14th place and 5 points off mid-table. proof that the campaign was wrong or proof that the boro are avid readers of this blog and took the telling off like men?

excitement over the result should be tapered with a hint of realism. we beat charlton, but so have 10 other teams in the league and wycombe wanderers in the cup. we are 5 points off mid-table but a mere 2 above relegation. julio scored, but he still can not defend.

a good result putting the team in the right direction, but southgate must find a way to keep this going and turn it into an unbeaten run. maybe then can he broadside mclaren.

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