Saturday, December 16, 2006

i won a bet, but i can't remember what i win

when terminator 3 came out i saw it a week before everyone else as the meekster got his hand on a decent copy from who knows where. we watched it in a midget sized room at one of the halls of residence at university where he was staying as he worked there for the summer to help put himself through uni.

i vaguely remember saying something to the effect that the ending was a deliberate attempt to open the way for a fourth which would tell the tale of the fight betwixt man and machine. the meekster rebuffed this observing the story has ended and there would be no more films. we debated, we argued, we came up with scenario's and theories. then we got drunk.

today i discover on the movie bible database that i am right and the fourth will be with us in 2008, no indication yet of the plot though.

if only i could remember what i won.

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