Sunday, December 10, 2006

it's a small island

msn is handy for many things; getting the meekster to forward me songs i like, playing games when bored and randomly keeping in touch with people you are far too cheap to phone up and chat to.

today over msn i found out by chance, that by chance, the editor of this defunct website was someone i had a passing acquaintance with at university had lunch with one of the party's bright young things and by chance met his sister who is by chance my line manager. by chance of course. the bright young thing can do well in pendle and the editor seems to be striving hard to ensure that the reformed cf branch of greater-burnley (my description) do more than devour free drink.

i wish them all the best but find i am also cautious. cf members really do apear en-masse for free drink but i am yet to discover a hard working branch that delivers - leaflets and promises that is. i am also cautious about the results from the last general election there, for detail read here. squeezing the lemon it can be seen thus way; swing to tories was 2.7% but only because labour vote fell 7.5% masking the fact our vote fell 2.1%, yet the turnout in pendle was up! ergo, tory vote goes up nearly everywhere but pendle.

there are many good arguments as to why i am wrong and i hope that i am proved wrong. but when the exact gap betwixt labour and us is almost identical to the bnp vote i fear the new direction dc is taking our party will see history repeat itself in pendle. but then there is a reason why dc will be the next prime minister and i am pendle's ppc's sister's underling - and that's not by chance.

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