Friday, December 08, 2006

i dont have word...

so the new laptop came with microsoft works - i get the oxymoron now.

all i want to do is turn 'er indoors latest essay thing into something her prof's can read. they cant read works. for some reason pdf wont do. for some reason the later the hand in the more marks lost.

anyhu, in fighting against the obtuse nature that is microsoft. ive tried bittorrent. ive tried pdf conversion into email. wordpad, notepad and in the end i just sent it via msn to bungle. bungle the man of the hour did something his end - i emphasis something on account i'd like to sound as if i understand what went on. i don't. nearly 50 mins later we have something to send as an email that the lazy woman with word who cant be annoyed downloading works can read. i say bring back pen and paper, surely less hassle.

anyhu. bungle wasted good 'girls aloud' watching time to help so tonite's blog is a big thank you to the man from belfast. one wonders where the comp sci meekster was :)

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