Wednesday, December 27, 2006

what's all the fuss? we know auzzies play dirty.

the big story in the fourth test down under is not england's continued humiliation, nor the loss to cricket shane warne and glenn mcgrath's imminent retirement will be, and nor is it whether england will lose 5-0 for the first time since 1920. nope. it appears to be the story of the auzzies cheating again. if you can't be bothered clicking the link the story goes; england, none surprisingly, have a little plan which outlines the weakness of each auzzie batter. normally this isn't anything of interest as all teams do it. today, though, the auzzies decide to get hold of a copy and broadcast the plans over abc when the match is still in play.

this is big? the campaign is not sure why. australia have done this thing before, during the 2003 rugby world cup they spied on the team in training and at rest. during the 2001 british lions tour they spied on the team's training methods and broke their line-out codes. click here and here to read more. so what's all the fuss? we know they play dirty.

when england won the ashes in 2005 flintoff's first thought was to commiserate the auzzies (see picture). when they win it's ye auld beat the chest and stomp around like sophisticated types. it's what we expect from them...

shouldn't the story be an analysis of where the said plans went wrong?

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