Wednesday, December 06, 2006

reasons not to vote labour # 92

the labour infested scottish executive housed in the splenderous scottish parliament (a steal at only £431 million) published this week the early awaited 20 year transport plan in the guise of scotland's national transport strategy.

in it we were to find out what our masters had in mind for how we travel in this part of the colonies. when we would get a new bridge to replace the one falling down. when rail is going to stop being the most expensive mode of travel. when the a6 is going to be dualled or when will the universe's most dangerous road (from aberdeen to inverness) be made safe enough for kit.
you can read the document in full here. it is a breathtaking 86 pages in length (well actually 69 pages are devoted to the plan, the rest to self congratulatory piffle) which is an astonishing 3.4 pages per year. criticism is simply too harsh.
taxpayer: when will get a new bridge to replace the one falling down?
tavish scott: i want to see scotland's transport reducing the impact it has on the environment, particularly carbon emissions. the plan does not mention the possibility of a new bridge, at all.

taxpayer: when will rail travel cease being the most expensive so people actually consider using the rolling tin cans?
tavish scott: speed cameras may become more prevalent because enforcing the speed limit reduces fuel use and so cuts greenhouse gas emissions. ahh, so by making car travel too expensive for lower wage earners rail travel by comparison will not be the most expensive. i see.

taxpayer: when will the a6 be dualled?
tavish scott: this strategy will make sure that over the next 20 years and beyond we strive for a world class transport system that meets the needs of passengers, businesses and the environment. say what now? what does that mean? how are to belive this is not a wish list of future aspirations and lacks the real level of detail needed.

read all the evidence for yourself. these are the same people who give out ipods to anyone who completes a survey!!! ffs. i wasted time out of my life to read a document that says nothing real. if you guys pick up on substance that i missed please let me know what it is.

update: 2314 hrs. forgot to rant about the fact that decreasing carbon emissions in a country a mere 5 million small is not, even in a hippies wildest dreams, going to do anything about the overall effect a planet with billions of people polluting has on this third rock from the sun. making scots drive less will not compete against the chinese car market. how? seriously how? taxing the poor so you sound like a goodie two shoes tavish - you prick. go home and don't sully our wallets with your bizarre, ill conceived and detail-less proposals....

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