Saturday, December 16, 2006

intellectual observations by heavy weight thinkers

i've just enjoyed reading about the group girls aloud who voyeured into politics this week with an interview in the new statesman. they follow in the foot steps of bob geldoff, bono et al and voiced their opinions on the world and british politics. bless...

here is a highlight of what they said.

on whether or not politicians should stop being dull and boring and try and appeal more to voters, especially the young. our intrepid voyeurs ventured:
Politicians should stop trying to be "cool" and get on with running the country... It should be left to bands to get teenagers talking about politics by going into schools and "spreading the word
i'm scared. our children will be taught about politics by a bunch of ignorant air-heads under their proposals. if you think i'm being harsh, keep reading.

One of the band thought they had met Chancellor Gordon Brown - but the others assured her it was actually Home Secretary John Reid who had been pictured with them at an awards ceremony.
well aren't they licensed to criticise?

Politics did not feature in "normal magazines and newspapers" and it needed to be more "user friendly," they told the New Statesman... which was followed by was a mistake for politicians to try to be too trendy - how dare you insinuate they're oxymoronic and contradictory, stop being mean. they're cute, not designed to be anything but stupid. what the heck is a normal newspaper and if a normal magazine means glossy then how do none trendy types get into a publication that only covers modern cultures fads?

For the record, they are anti-war, pro-grammar school and support high taxation - as long as they could see where the money was going.
okay, so they're liking the lib dem anti-war stance, the old tory vangaurd of bringing excellence back into schools and the new labour stance of raising taxes. i wonder if they realise?

i like it when the 'cool' kids get involved in stuff they don't understand. they should do it more often in my opinion. i don't wear 'bling' and listen to r n/or b and get interviewed in those chav mags about 'bling'. i would look like an idiot - just like girls aloud now look. for a fuller analysis of the article check out mother beeb here.

for more on the 'cool' kids being clever read here.

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