Friday, December 29, 2006

don't forget about scotland, they defect here too you know

earlier in the day iain dale boasted of a number of lib-dem defections to the tories, sporting of the fact the hippies are running out of support - both in the polls and when it comes to finding people to stand for them. whilst it was an article about candidate defections an opportunity was missed to sport a lib-dem defection to the tories north of the border. in november a lib-dem councillor in dumfries and galloway joined the tories on the back of an independant doing so a week earlier. this is important as the tories now control more than a quarter of the council and have gone from the third largest group in the council to joint largest, surely a good thing for the people of dumfries and galloway... below is part of the tory press release marking the occasion.
The Conservative group now has 13 members with the announcement that Denis Male, councillor for Langholm and Upper Eskdale, is to join them. He was a Scottish
Lib Dem councillor for almost 20 years.

Commenting, Denis said: “The best way forward for me and the people of my ward is by joining the Conservatives. Having seen the Conservatives in action for some considerable time I am convinced they are a well-disciplined and effective

This news follows an announcement last week that former Independent councillor for Canonbie and Kirtle, Ian Lindsay, is also joining the Conservatives.

this said, anyone else think denis male was actually saying "i saw which way the wind was blowing so jumped ship"? surely this is more worrying for the lib-dems; when they lose elected representatives who think their jobs are safest in tory hands...

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