Saturday, December 16, 2006

whiter than white, my arse

you remember the slogans, the phrases of '97. bliar promising to be whiter than white. politics not sleaze. at almost every opportunity bliar describes the 1990's as hell on earth and britain under new labour as some kind of fantasia heaven where everything is clean, green and generally better.

erm, so to raise party funds blair sells off titles. read here for the story breaking on bbc. read here for the new twist, a donor given a menu of honours. iain dale said it best.

Today is the day the British people must now realise that this government isn't fit to govern us. They've brought shame on themselves, their government and their country.

i'm a tory so the feeling of 'we told you so' is strong right now. i add to the avalanche of condemnation as i came across this old post by guido fawkes which highlighted another disgusting episode of labour sleaze that did get buried. you can read that clicking here.

we've had many great prime ministers in this country; from disraeli, through gladstone, churchill and thatcher. stop tainting the position by voting for that man!

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