Sunday, December 10, 2006

the new asbo?

those unable to find a life that doesn't involve scouring mother beep and other web-based forms of procrastination would have been as horrified and bemused as i was when they read this pile of piffle.

this is another example of the left-wing approach to government; solve every problem with a massive amount of bureaucracy that makes no clear distinction of how the problem will be resolved. jack mcconnell has a similar logic/illogic retardation going on. he's the kind of man that thinks because 1% of scotland stammer then all of scotland must avoid illiteration because it can be viewed as a form of linguistic prejudice...

seriously, how will a website listing names of those who don't pay child maintenance help the women raising children on a shoe-string budget? it is even presumptuous and out-of-touch of the feckers to think that single parents raising children alone can afford laptops and internet connections. many cannot because so called daddy is not paying maintenance... ignoring that ridiculous leap of presumption alone we will move onto another mater.

i remember there was a brief attempt to 'name and shame' paedophiles on the web. this was quickly followed by a 'news of the world' campaign to publish that particular bunch of degenerates. (can't find url links, any help?) this exercise was dropped on account of it breaching their human rights... erm, paedo.s have rights but scum dad's don't? it's okay to advertise dodgy dads but not paedo.s? erm, help... i don't understand this. they are both bad people, but one is far worse than the other. surely.

in summary; dead beat dads are dead beat dads. neds are neds. asbo's are a badge of honour to the young so why would one's name on a website advertising the fact the ned dad is a ned dad help in any way shape or form? it's an adult asbo, a more manly badge of honour. man make child, man don't pay.

labour need to start thinking things through. instead of a stupid website that gives no help to vulnerable women they should be spending that money taking the useless dads to court and hiting them with very very heavy fines. they should be forced to play their part or pay up. they should not be given a gloat; "hey guys, my name's on this stupid fecking government website"

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