Saturday, December 16, 2006

britain: closed until the next conservative government

the announcement this week that the government will close 2,500 post offices should not be seen as a surprise, they have after-all closed over 6,000 in the last decade. added together that's 8,500 post offices since 1997. to put this into context there were 25,000 post offices in the 1960's; a quarter thus closed by bliar and his mob. read more here.

post ofices are not the only thing blair and his mob like to close. jacky mcconnell (wannabe emperor of scotlandshire) has been busy closing down hospitals and nhs service across the country. 31 hospitals can be identified as having closed or have had their services to patients reduced under jacky mc. for more read here. health is a de-evolved issue north of the border but that doesn't mean englandshire is free from being closed down. for more read here.

it seems also that labour, and none surprsingly the snp, want to close down our defence. because terrorism has gone away and no-one has the ability to attack or invade britain! all six of the nats mps are against bliar's plans for replacing trident. trident being nuclear defense system and affects heavily our naval ability. so the nats don't technically want to close britain down, they just want to open our borders to anyone wanting to attack us. interestingly half of all scottish mps are against it (with 15 labour mps amongst them).

not only have labour reduced hospital services and closed a quarter of all post offices but they want to reduce our armed forces to a bunch of socialists with pic forks. and all this whilst tax has gone up. i don't feel that's value for money, do you?

update - 0018hrs 17 xii 06: i came across an amusing link on google videos via a rampant nat blog. the vid from scotland today explores the problems labour are facing over the move to continue defending these shores for longer than the 1,000 years we've done so far. in the vid is an amusing point where jacky mcconnell runs down a corrider to avoid answering a reasonable question he's too mentally incapable to answer whilst a bible basher calls nuclear defence "morally and theologically wrong". idiocy amuses me. to watch click here.

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