Wednesday, December 27, 2006

cue more council tax rises

i have a postman who sticks little red card things through our letterbox telling me they tried to deliver a parcel but there was no-one in at the time. 'er indoors has been writing her dissertation since we moved into edinburgh and barely leaves the flat until mid-day, and only then to go to work for a few hours. either a) the postman is too lazy to carry the parcel up three flights of stairs and thus leaves the note because he's a lazy bugger or b) 'er indoors leaves the flat as soon as i do every morning for something so clandestine i am unawares...

i moved into the street in may 2006 - the local council were repaving the streets at this time. when the festival started they were still working on the same street, mine...

my block of flats has no rubbish point for collection forcing the residents to leave their refuse on the street for the binmen to collect. mysteriously, every sunday and wednesday nights the street are rubbish strewn. if we wait till the morning and take the rubbish down on the way to work the binmen have oft already visited, and gone.

how joyed i am to read then, that these glorious jobsworths are to get an even more generous working life. to watch click here.

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