Monday, January 29, 2007

10 years on and another lie exposed...

tony bliar in 1997:

"my pledge to our armed forces is that we will offer a period of stability. a new labour governement will be committed to maintaining strong and modern forces designed for the world we now live in."

the daily telegraph, february 1997.

the reality is not stability but increased operational committments...

bosnia - 1992 - still ongoing

operation desert fox (iraq) - 1998

kosovo - 1999 - still ongoing

sierra leone - 2000 - still ongoing

afghanistan - 2001 - still ongoing

operation talic (iraq) - 2003 - still ongoing

this isn't just tony bliar's fault; even though he made the promise in 1997 and loves to play war lord and act big in the white house, blame should be attributed to a decade of mis-guided foriegn secretaries. if only they all had the conviction and integrity of robin cook (mostly a mis-guided w**k but at least he stood firm in his convictions). one day a promise to stabilise our military, the next they declare war more times than any government since the days of empire...

hat-tip to the fellow Y campaigner informant...

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