Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the most annoying person on television

has to be gillian mckeith, presenter of you are what you eat. she is patronising and rude.

in tonite's eposide she forced a grown man to say goodbye to food; actually made him openly say "goodbye" to a table of tasty snacks and so on. patronising.

she also called him ignorant for not realising the parts of an animal that go into cheap sausages and other meat products. erm; pig snouts are still edible and clearly not dangerous/poisonous. she clearly has never heard of the phrase "just because i want a burger doesn't mean i want to meet the cow". rude.

she even said to him "know what you've been told".

still, one has to admire the way she is ruthlessly marketing all this health fad bollocks, corking capitalism gillian.

p.s. i know i buy into the whole 'if you don't like it, don't watch it' theory - hint to all those feckers who want to ban what they don't like - but 'er indoors is very persuasive; something about no fry-ups...

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