Monday, January 08, 2007

go and read political crossroads... on fox hunting. i am not for hunting in the sense it boils my blood not to be able to straddle a horse and hunt - i have only ridden a horse twice and both with disastrous results. no, go and read the embodiment of the post, the reasons why one should dislike the ban in the first place:

The population of this country has rallied around the hunt in protest at such an unjust and illiberal law.

yes he's biased - but so are all bloggers. i should say that i disagree with his last two sentences though, i doubt very much a conservative government will repeal the ban. decisions are made by those in the room and governments should not pre-occupy themselves with changing the laws of the previous government, more with making better decisions when once in power. still, a clever post giving a better argument for opposing the ban than i could. read here. p.s. stole his pic too, oops...

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