Tuesday, January 30, 2007

raf cut by over 40%, the navy by over 25%

earlier the campaign highlighted how bliar had promised stability for our armed forces then proceeded to declare war more times than any british prime minister since days of empire (read here) as well as pointing out that one museum has more aircraft than our amred forces has attack craft (read here) and today, for those who care, comes proof of the massive cuts nulabour have made to our entire armed forces.

tony bliar, the daily telegraph, february 1997:
"the people who have had to bear the burden of these cuts are our servicemen and
women, overstretched and under strength as never before. the strain on our armed
forces is huge."

army - 101, 360
navy - 3 aircraft carriers
12 destroyers
23 frigates
raf - 16 offensive squadrons
6 defence squadrons
13 transport squadrons


army - down 1,900 (-1.8%)
navy - down 1 aircraft carrier (-33%)
down 4 destroyers (-25%)
down 6 frigates (-26%)
raf - down 5 offensive squadrons (-31.25%)
down 3 defence squadrons (-50%)
down 5 transport squadrons (-38.5%)

across the board thats a 29.36% cut..!!

the pope is jewish, jade goodey a rolemodel and nulabour have not screwed our armed forces over...

source: hansard via a Y campaign informant...

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