Thursday, January 18, 2007

the scottish gaelic centre, berkley street, glasgow

an amazing place really. today i met a child, surely no older than 6 or 7 years old, who spoke to me in 5 languages. inspiring.

was set up by a psuedo family business. awe inspiring.

is the first of it's kind in scotland. bold.

is situated in an old, abandoned secondary school. capitalist.

educates children from primary level, through secondary, to scottish higher levels. children identified as having 'behavourial' issues are quickly identified and treat by the same teachers throughout their entire school life. sensible.

produces socially confident pupils; as a st andrews grad i find this a vitally important 'life' tool. important.

there was a sign in one corridor which was designed by one of the pupils. the child wrote a passage in gaelic at the top above two crayoned drawings of people. the person on the left had a speech bubble in which something in gaelic was written. a large green tick was scrawled next this image. on the right was a person with 'good morning' written in the speech bubble. a large red cross was scrawled next to this image. english is clse to outlawed in this school. worryingly interesting.

the school had no none scottish ethnic pupils and despite having "a few interested inquiries from other types" the school is utterly scottish lead. plain worrying.

the school produces great pupils with top quality skills. but it is also an snp wet dream; scots who care nothing for our common language or multicultarism.

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