Sunday, January 14, 2007

crime: free to roam until the next conservative government

not fit for purpose is the famous phrase we all know; john reid is a name we all know since he delivered that famous quote. so after promising to sort out the mess we were treated to a laurel and hardy style barrage of headlines involving the home office not knowing how many gazillions of immigrants are here, illegal immigrants working for the home office and so on until the recent fiasco of britons commiting crimes aborad and not having this recorded over here - mother beeb has disclosed that some have gone on to commit crimes here too.

and so the home office's response (i.e. as directed by their labour paymasters) is to reduce the number of front line police officers... yep, at a time when crime is on the up and the number of police officer's are going down. because that smacks of competence, doesn't it?

is the home office actually open for business or is it now closed, not fit for purpose and not competent to operate?

the last time the conservatives were in power they also reduced the number of police numbers - but then that was because crime had fallen somewhat on account of prison working - oh, prison. now there's another fiasco of labour that hit the headlines recently...

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