Tuesday, January 30, 2007

this weeks top motor

i appear to have a modicum of return visitors - google analytics anyone? - so have decided to make this blog/rant/waste of internet space less passive. one of my interests is cars thanx to a dieting norn iron pal and top gear. on the top right i have added a picture of an audi rs4 which is one of my favourite motors and have invited readers to suggest a car for next week's blurb.

there is nothing to this other than my wanting to share a hobby with those few dozen readers who actualy bother to read this page. at the moment a ford is going up for next week as the tory hippy made a request; please for the love of what ever god you believe in send alternative options so i can avoid advertising a ford! for the sake of it i will add a post about each car noted - if you provide a reason why you want a car up i will use that otherwise google will be employed.

now the science bit over, the fun bit begins...

audi rs4 because...

the basic quattro model comes with a 6 speed, 420 bhp engine for just over £50,000. thats half the power of a bugati veron for 1/20 the price! and its petrol - so good for the environment ;-) as you bomb round edinburgh in second gear...

it looks good too. not the nicest on the market - db9 anyone? - but great on the eye.

the two types of audi i have driven (80 and a3) have thus in common: drive comfort, odd features designed well - such as arm rests - and clever shell features. by this i mean in both you know where the front is and the back ends which is handy for parking.

the 12 yr old 80 had more features despite being a basic model than my old 10 yr escort and 11 yr old fiesta. i will not mention the clio... the 4yr old a3 (again basic model) packs more basics than a 1 yr old toyota avensis basic. thus you get more for your money.
speaking of money - audi's cost just enough to stop them being common. the most popular audi in britain is the a4 with 18% of audi sales being a varient of this model. audi's market share is small at best. and by common i mean this - we used to talk of 'mondeo man' but now the most bought saloon in the uk is the 3 series bmw. audi build cars a little better than bmw do, but their quality is just enough to make them unique, and noticeable on the street. as opposed to generic.

what car should i rant about next and why?

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will said...

Next week's top motor:

Mazda MX5..... (you weren't expecting that!)

Shocking to see you are now more knowledgeable in motoring than I am in the Boro..... :s