Sunday, January 14, 2007

has the Y campaign found a little toy?

dandering around the t'interweb today i came across a new blog - i know, a newer blog than this - by a member of the labour faithful for edinburgh. now, overlooking the mere fact that she thus works for sarah boyack msp for edinburgh central and i briefly worked for the scottish conservative candidate of that area, jamie sempill, i found the site an amusing read due to it's lazy lies and spin. well, it is labour after all.

the blog is by kezia dugdale's, or kez for short - one of those rare and nice names, methinks...

on the 12th of this month dear kez alluded to her involvement in alistair darling's 2005 election campaign and her current involvement as agent for sarah boyack for may this year:

Attempting to co-ordinate a city wide campaign on top of a full time job is exhausting.

i do not doubt her one bit; attempting to co-ordinate a city wide campaign as one's only job can be exhausting. but then poor kez could not help herself, the labour lies oozed:

In my experience, the Lib Dems have pensioners and academics devoting their spare time, Labour campaigners are the workers and the tories set up businesses to do it for them! Says it all really.

i have posted on her blog challenging this stupendous bullshit and asked her to cite her source - failing this as most labour politicians find truth telling a complex and arduous task i have asked to justify this. i don't doubt the lib dems have pensioners and academics devoting their spare time - i have meet many. i have also meet many working class lib dem members as well as very wealthy ones. the same too is true for the scottish conservatives and the conservatives in the north of england where i have volunteered; pensioners, academics, working class and wealthy classed people and others form all walks of life all pounding the streets delivering and canvassing. i have never come across an association being rich enough to set up a business to do it for them. this is complete bollocks and kez clearly is either a) a liar b) making this up based on dodgy dossier style evidence c) a liar d) knowingly mis-representing something very innocent. i have asked her to beguile us of which.

it seems the campaign has found a little toy to play with; not only does she appear to have around the same (or perhaps a little more it's hard to tell just yet) political experience as myself but she is also working in a constituency i have unfortunately left. she has also built her website on the same platform i use to build websites for scottish conservative candidates - moonfruit. copying the tories is a nulabour trait. the permalink to her lies here. the link to her website here.

her blog has been added to the links on the right so we can all keep a close eye on this agent for sarah boyack and a list candidate for the lothian region (i have also asked which seat she is standing for as i have missed it where ever she has advertised this).

nb - kez has comment checker on her blog so i will provide a link to my comment's and her response - if any - once she posts them - that is of course presuming she even does. we know how much nulabour dislike engaging in the truth...

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