Monday, January 15, 2007

labour want to ban tories from using the internet

after yesterday's rant about the lies spun by labour agents i have been overjoyed to find that the story continues; my comment was never posted by dear kez, but i did have a whole paragraph devoted to me in a new post which is - none surprisingly - repeated below...

a staunch Tory has discovered me.

flattery gets you everywhere kez...

This fellow blogger emailed me to suggest that the comments I had made in the article 'Darling, Vote Labour' about the cliched stereotypes of Lib Dem and Conservative party activists were quite unfair and that I was a liar to suggest that tories might put their business heads to good use by setting up leaflet delivery companies.

unfair, no. each blogger is entitled to an opinion so stereotypes are fair game. afterall, i stereotype labour politicians as having truth issues. does our intrepid kez fit the bill?

secondly, i called kez a liar for insinuating that the 13,000 scottish conservative activists do not work during the elections opting instead to franchise out the delivering and canvassing and so on. again, i have never heard of an association being rich enough and call upon the so called learned labour lady to prove her statement. conservatvie activists work as hard as any party's activists and i have never known anyone to insist that one party has harder working activists than others. astonishingly arrogant...

Concerned that I'd offended, I decided to look at his own blog to find a way of contacting him, only to find an article describing me as his 'new toy' - quite inappropriate and all in all a little unpleasant from a former scottish parliament employee. I then looked through the rest of his posts and found myself disgusted by the offensive language used. Needless to say i wont be replying or visiting his
page again.

no contact details to avoid spammers and junk mail etc, just like most blogs. at the moment there is no comment moderation to this blog so anyone can freely comment/debate and so on to any post.

if kez doesn't like her lies being referred to as a toy then the campaign apologises. from now on the term toy will be replaced with the term 'blog of lies'.

i have never worked for the scottish parliament, ever. another case of labour making statements based on falsehoods? wmd's anyone?

offensive language? wtf? as i type season 5 of still game is on the tele (dvd) and in episode 3 'smoke on the water' the words 'dick' and 'shite' are used, not to mention the frequent use of the words 'prick' and 'bastard' throughout nearly every episode. this is prime time television!!! will, then, the aspiring politican who is on the regional rankings list like to say if she finds still game offensive and if the language should be cleared up. in this blog one will find colin fox referred to as a prick, bliar a cunt and the faslane protesting politicians as shiftless bastards. considering in episode 4 season 5 'hard nuts' victor just said "that cockney wanker" about one minute before saying "real people, real shite" i thus call on someone who wants to govern me to outline how i am more offensive that prime time bbc2 television. update: navid just said "arsehole" whilst in the bathroom.

by not replying kez actually means not posting my comments or questions, that's censorship. speaking of censorship, here is a comment kez has published on her blog:

Ah all human life is to be found in the blogosphere and until we can find a way
of banning the tories from the web quite a bit of low life to boot ;-)

banning the tories from the web is now being promoted by the labour candidate kez dugdale, number 4 on the labour lothian regional list. you heard it here first.

i have, once again, asked kez for a comment. afterall, she wants to govern me so i want her to explain how i am more offensive that prime time bbc 2 television. to justify her belief that conservative activists do not work and for her opinions on internet censorship. update tomorrow.

nb: still game episode 'hard nuts' is full of naughty words. for those of a sensitive disposition i strongly advise you do not watch.
my comment on prospective msp kez dugdale's blog is pasted below.

you are on the lothian regional list and therefore want to govern me.
as a constituent i have a few questions.
i would like an explanation of how you find me more offensive that prime time bbc 2 television. to justify your belief that conservative activists do not work and for your opinions on internet censorship. again, i would like to inquire which seat you are contesting.
knowing that you do not wish to visit my blog any more i have provided a permalink to the relevant blog, where i have explained my position and opinion. the link is:
Y is a vowel.

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