Thursday, January 25, 2007

i leave for 5 minutes and look what mess they create

i'm not the first - actually i'm probably the last - to pick up on this cracking story that suggests the scottish parliament elections in may are illegal and should not be held, because prisoners aren't allowed to vote...

what i haven't noticed yet is anyone with a similar gut response to myself - hmm, maybe this is a hint - which is so what? big deal.

i thought the idea of prison was that custodial sentences' are a form of punishment. you commit a crime and get punished; that is how things used to be. now, thanks to our beloved leaders our prisoners get sky tv (some law abiding citizens can't afford this luxury) and have more free phone calls than soliders serving in iraq (so we expect them to get shot at but not to want to phone home?!?). prison has lost it's purpose, which probably helps explains why john read only wants the most dangerous locked up.

actually, no one seemed to have my response to that either. only the most dangerous, doesn't that mean just plain old dangerous are set free?

anyhu, may's elections aren't going to happen now. yay, mconnell's dream come true.


World of Jack said...

Labour know what they are doing on crime.

will said...

surely by committing a prisonable offence, they forfeit any rights they had as free individuals?

what about the rights of the pensioners, beaten up for their pension money and now too afraid to leave the house, too fearful of these scumbags to go down to the polling station and place their votes.

what of those beaten up or shot and left in hospital, or dead, who cannot vote?

do we want those who decided to persue a life of crime to be able to have a say in those who shall represent the people?

chief Y is a vowel campaigner said...

can't agree with you more will. if you choose to live outside the law then how can you complain when the law excludes you from the benefits of society.

i would be aghast to think a murderer can vote for a party that wants reduced punishment for murderes.

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