Monday, January 08, 2007

political opportunists...

today a bunch of greens, ssp, snp and labour politicians are going to save the scottish people a few quid by not turning up to their job and instead they are going to band together and protest the renewal of the trident nuclear weapons system. together they march on faslane for, as colin fox msp (leader of ssp) claims;
"Whilst Tony Blair is intent on obtaining even more of these
weapons most people consider them obscene.
our intrepid and noble campaigners will spend all day today giving speeches before attempting to blockade the entrance to faslane. you can read more here, and im sure before work is over tonight there will be more links to this story.

the thing is you retarded hippies, i would have a bit of respect for you if this didn't look like a crass attempt to win a few votes - a case of political opportunism. you see, if you really give a hoot you would have added wait to yesterday's protest you feckless wankers. the catholic church along with academics and students from a plethora of nations protested yesterday. if you gave a damn you would have joined their number and lent weight to their protest. you've either decided to join today because you saw the potential media spotlight and realised an election is looming or you consider yourself too good and self important to march with unelected citizens. shiftless bastards.

oh and colin; what do you mean most people consider them obscene? not so, i think you will find most people are actually glad we defeated communism and can defend ourselves you prick.

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