Sunday, January 07, 2007

"snp mp's are fighting like ferrets in a sack"

quite funny analogy really; this quote came from a scottish labour spokesman, according to mother beeb, which is a shame as the spokesman should reveal himself and win an award or something.

in all seriousness; the media is so intent to make may's elections a fight between the two 'big men' of scottish politics - salmond and mcconnell - that everyone else is being squeezed out the debate. scottish political news outlines a strong anti-annabel goldie spiel in today's the sunday times which more-or-less suggests murdo fraser will be soon leading the party north of the border.

the issue is basically this; the media are only going to bother reporting on the spats between the gnats and labour leaving the scottish conservatives and the libs on the back burner. normally this form of piss poor journalism is something to get hot and bothered about but if both parties are going to entertain us with such gems as "fighting ferrets" then i'm not going to complain. keep it up.

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