Sunday, January 28, 2007

more aircraft in a museum than our armed forces

this should perhaps be in a special 'britain - our doors are open' section.

there are more aircraft in one museum than britain has attack aricraft to defend herself.

With the entire collection holding over 200 aircraft at the raf museum in london.

whilst britain only has 212 attack aircraft: this includes 139 strike force and offensive support craft and 73 helicopters with attack capability (33 x puma hc1, 22 x merlin hc3, 18 x hawk ta1).

furthermore; if you read the second article to bottom you will notice that britain has more training aircraft (235) than it does aircraft to defend itself.

britain is now ranked 10th in the world when expenditure and capability are measured. i can understand why we are ranked behind china, the u.s., japan and india. but why the hell are we behind brazil and turkey?!!? worse; we have less frontline personnel than indonesia (316,000), thailand (314,000) and mexico (192,770) - we have 190,000.

i'll avoid the politics about how labour's many strategic defence reviews have continually cut back our military strength to the point that brazil could invade us and thailand can out-fight us. labour supporters should be ashamed of themselves.

update 29 jan 07: the following link was left in the comments section but wouldn't hyper-link - it's utterly of a different position to mine...


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