Sunday, January 14, 2007

most leaders would be happy with 69% of the vote

and would consider over two thirds support combined with a packed rally in his name to be an achieve and a testament that they were a popular leader of the party. so spare a thought then for nicolas sarkozy the french centre-right leader of the ump party - the party initially set up to get chirac re-elected. at a rally in which the french prime minister, de villepin, even turned up to offer support to sarkozy who was given the official nod to lead the party into the french presidential elections.

the problem for nic sarkozy is the simple fact that he was the only candidate. up to 327,000 ump members could vote as sarkozy stood unchallenged and 69% duly voted for him; presumably the rest went for r.o.n. (re open nominations for those who didn't attend st andrews). nic then, got the nod, but understandably looked surprised when the results were announced.

to make it worse, chirac didn't turn up and de villpin may have made a brief appearance but didn't verbally utter support nor did he hang around for sarkozy's speech. it seems that france is not ready to join the centre-right wave sweeping europe from denmark and sweden down.

source - oddly at the time of writing no other t'interweb sites have the story...

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